Dynamics Results, RSM Growth, Power Platform to Optimize & More Inside Dynamics Communities

In the first episode of the Inside Dynamics Communities Podcast, John Siefert, CEO, Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, Ryan Gonzalez, Sales Director, Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, and Pam Misialek, Community Director, Dynamics Communities and Summit NA break down the things happening inside Microsoft Dynamics communities today.


00:29 — Microsoft recently announced its quarterly earnings for the last quarter, which saw a 21% growth rate. During the same quarter last year, Microsoft Dynamics’ growth rate was 46%. This has led to a lot of questions about whether or not the market is slowing down and if there is less demand for Microsoft Dynamics.

01:53 — Regardless of the size of the company, John notes that 21% growth for a quarter is still impressive, and to say that there is less demand for Microsoft Dynamics is an overstatement. As leaders serving Microsoft user groups, John points out that the hosts look at these earnings differently. John notes that all of that growth that’s happened for Dynamics means there are tons of people trying to decrease the complexity of these systems and deliver the results their organizations need.

02:39 RSM, a global company that has been a huge supporter of Dynamics Communities and Community Summit, recently released some growth numbers, says Ryan. The numbers showed global revenue growth of 15%. RSM saw a 37% growth in revenue for its consulting services. Ryan says this trend shows that mid-market companies, in today’s economic times, are turning towards consulting professionals.

03:53 John asks Ryan if there are certain geographies that seem to be on a larger growth rate than others. He says “Asia was about 19%, Latin America, which showed great growth, was at 26%.”

04:27 — John agrees that these growth numbers accurately represent the “snapback” that is taking place in Latin America. During Community Summit NA 2022, a representative from RSM led multiple sessions on Power Platform. John asks Pam to give a breakdown of the latest Power Platform releases.

05:54 Similar to what is happening with the uproar in RSM, users are looking to optimize their processes for the future. Pam says that Power Platform “is the way to go.” Wave one of the Power Platform release has to do with data. A common problem with ERP systems is they can be difficult to extract data from, so this release will enable users to access data in a strategic way that will drive business results. Power Platform has added new elements to its database and enhanced its virtual table performance, too.

07:15 Businesses that are trying to optimize their futures reflect the reality of today’s uncertain economic times, notes John especially in User Group communities. People are eager to make the most out of the systems they’ve invested in. At a time when users are trying to do more with less the products that are starting to come out in new releases have a lot to do with that reality, and a lot to do with helping customers make it through what could be some “belt-tightening times.”

08:48 John describes a Midwest-based manufacturing company that is looking to integrate various automation solutions into Dynamics 365 FO to optimize the financial automation process. As companies work through these things, it proves to be all the more reason to engage with Dynamics Communities and Community Summit NA, where users can learn from each other on various platform migrations.

10:19 — Dynamics Communities just opened its Call for Proposals for Community Summit NA that is taking place October 10-15, 2023. John predicts that there will be many presentations on optimization, which is something that many business users are trying to figure out.

11:08 Ryan notes that the Call for Proposals is not just for those who wish to present at Community Summit, but any attendees can fill out a Proposal for topics they wish to learn more about at the event. He says “you don’t have to be a speaker, you can just submit.” Pam adds that any of the User Group experts on Dynamics Communities can help answer any questions and guide attendees in the right direction.

12:01 — There have already been over 650 registered attendees for Community Summit NA 2023. John encourages any interested attendees to connect with Dynamics Communities via LinkedIn, email, or find more information on the website.

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