Corporation of Hamilton’s CFO on Use of Dynamics GP

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In this Community Summit North America 2022 News Desk, Tanya Iris, Chief Financial Officer, Corporation of Hamilton (Bermuda) and Aaron Back, VP/Principal Analyst, Acceleration Economy Analyst Network discuss how the company is using Dynamics GP in its daily operations.


00:26 – The Corporation of Hamilton runs the city of Hamilton, Bermuda. The city is one mile by one mile. The company has a budget of $20 million and a staff of 101 employees.

01:42 – How is the Corporation of Hamilton (Bermuda) using Microsoft applications in its daily operations?

01:56 – Iris has been using Dynamics GP for over 10 years. Currently, the company is running Dynamics GP 2016 and plans to upgrade at the beginning of 2023. Outside of accounting, the company uses GP for inventory management, human resources, payroll, point of sale (POS), and finance.

03:56 – The Corporation of Hamilton (Bermuda) intends to do an on-premise upgrade. The upgrade will include various customizations for its tax modules and purchase orders.

05:25 – The Corporation of Hamilton (Bermuda) relies on third-party applications which feed into its Dynamics GP platform – notable, KwikTag and Solver. Iris says she is looking forward to meeting with these third-party vendors at Community Summit North America 2022. She says she is also attending Community Summit North America 2022 to see what has changed between Dynamics GP 2016 and Dynamics GP 2022.

06:22 – What sessions has Iris attended so far that she has really enjoyed? What sessions is she looking forward to attending?

06:29 – Iris attended the session “Upgrading to Business Central,” which she notes was “pretty exciting.” She also participated in a session that reviewed various Excel formulas.

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