Academy Preview: Warehousing 101 & 102 in Business Central


Day 1 of the Warehousing Basics course is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in warehouse operations and management in Business Central. This course, led by Jason Chance on October 12-13, covers essential concepts, configurations, and practices necessary for effective warehouse management. Day 2 is designed to equip participants with advanced knowledge and skills in warehouse management in Business Central. Building upon the foundational concepts covered in Warehousing 101, this course delves deeper into advanced strategies and configurations for optimizing more complex warehouse operations.

Learning objectives:

  • Have a firm understanding of basic warehouse configuration and transactions.
  • Have a firm understanding of advanced warehouse configuration and transactions
  • Understand what level of warehousing complexity is required to handle warehousing for their business and understand what warehouse configurations are required to optimize throughput in your warehouse

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