AI and Cloud Solutions for Government Infrastructure Maintenance

State and local governments face significant challenges in maintaining critical infrastructure, with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) giving U.S. infrastructure an overall grade of “C-.” Roads and bridges are particularly vulnerable, with 43% of public roadways in poor or mediocre condition. Municipalities must comply with federal and state regulations, such as the Federal Highway Administration’s requirement for bridge inspections every two years, but are often hindered by aging infrastructure and limited resources. AI and cloud solutions can help.

Microsoft and HSO recently presented an educational webcast exploring how AI and cloud solutions can address these issues and enhance government infrastructure maintenance. The webcast provides insights into regulatory requirements, infrastructure vulnerabilities, and AI-driven solutions.

Watch the on-demand webcast to learn how AI can revolutionize inspection processes, improve data analysis, and optimize resource allocation for infrastructure maintenance. Discover practical use cases where AI-powered solutions have enhanced inspection efficiency and decision-making, and see how Microsoft’s tools like Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Copilot can amplify these benefits.

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