Setting Up Forumla Columns in Dataverse

In this video, UG Expert Kylie Kiser demonstrates how to set up Formula columns in Dataverse, which has replaced Calculated columns.

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Key Takeaways

  • Formula columns: Formula columns in Dynamics 365 CE/CRM are the new Calculated Columns. These can be used in other model-driven or Canvas apps built on Dataverse. While Formula columns are currently in preview, they’re expected to be ready for production soon. The new Formula columns can perform more complex operations using Power Fx and offer enhanced capabilities compared to the older calculated columns.
  • Adding a Formula column: You can create a new column directly from the Tables area in Dynamics, although it’s recommended to do this within a solution for proper prefixing. Kylie demonstrates how to add a Formula column.
  • Types of formula columns: Creating formula columns is straightforward. She highlights that there are various formula types available for use. After saving the formula column, the data type is not immediately visible, but it will be indicated post-save. Kylie also notes that formula columns update when the values within the formula change.
  • Copilot’s assistance: Microsoft Copilot can assist in building Formula columns, which can simplify the process and assist with creation. Kylie emphasizes the trial and error involved in learning to use the new formula columns and the different formulas available. She also mentions a feature in preview that suggests formulas and helps build them with AI through Copilot.
  • Formula columns in action: Lastly, Kylie gives a demonstration of formula fields in action, defines the importance of correct formula setup to ensure proper functionality, and encourages users to experiment with these new features.

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