Copying customization and structure from Production to a new sandbox

  • Copying customization and structure from Production to a new sandbox

    Posted by Steve Meighan on September 8, 2023 at 6:04 pm


    We have been using D365CE about 1.5 years and have found it go be quite good.

    Our previous CRM was Microsoft Dynamics 2016 onPremise

    While using D365CE, a traditional setup was used

    Name Type

    Development sandbox

    Playground sandbox

    Production production

    Our solution was:

    Developed in the DEV environment

    Tested in the PLAY environment

    Deployed in the PROD environment


    This worked well for months, until we went live.

    Once live, the size of the PLAY and PROD environments swelled until we

    routinely exceeded our assigned storage capacity.

    The temporary fix was simply delete the PLAY environment, since most of the

    development work was already done.

    This brought us back under the storage capacity limit.

    Unfortunately, the DEV environment has kept growing and contains:

    Database 2.5 GB

    File 7.8 GB

    Log 0.0 GB

    With this increase in size, we can no longer create an additional sandbox for testing,

    without exceed our storage capacity again.

    Additionally, the DEV environment has become corrupted:

    Several custom fields are missing which had been added to standard tables.

    Other fields have had their display name ‘blanked’ out.

    A form has a custom field included which is missing from the database


    Regardless of the cause, our current Development sandbox is corrupted.

    Fortunately, the Solution we developed is unmanaged, and was imported in Production as such.

    We have retained the ZIP file copies of each Version as it was exported.

    Further Development work is required, as well as ongoing maintenace, to the deployed solution.


    A new Development sandbox is required.

    We understand that it is possible to copy the structure and customizations only from

    Production to a new sandbox.

    This new DEV1 sandbox would be used for further development work, to be exported to the

    Production environment as an unmanaged solution.


    Will this work?

    Can you copy the customizations and structure from a Production environment to a

    new sandbox, then modify the copied solution, and export it again to the original

    Production environment.

    Please keep in mind:

    There is only one internally developed solution involved

    The solution is unmanaged.


    Thanks for reading this far.

    Any feed back or ideas would greatly appreciated.

    Heidi Neuhauser replied 1 week, 5 days ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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