What Is an Industry Cloud for Healthcare?

In this Community Summit North America 2022 moment, Paul Swider, Founding CTO, RealActivity, breaks down an industry cloud for healthcare.


00:08 – Across every business and industry are core principles that are vital to the foundation of business – whether it is ERPs, technologies, or specific needs.

00:40 – Across all industries – specifically, healthcare – is another subset of needs – about 60% of the total needs – that sits on top of the everyday business needs. All hospitals need to hire talent, manage it, and deliver a service in the healthcare industry. Sitting on top of that “chunk” are industry-specific needs.

01:11 – On top of the 60% chunk of industry needs are a small layer of requirements specific to an individual hospital.

01:29 – Industry clouds for healthcare are identifying the “60% chunk” and below, bundling it up as a service – similar to a managed service – and making it available to customers. Industry clouds are taking over the entire healthcare industry and are not just specific to Microsoft – SAP and Oracle both have an industry cloud for healthcare.

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