How to Effectively Prioritize to Avoid Failure

In this Community Summit North America 2022 moment, John Brennan, Manager of Managed Services,, explains how one can effectively prioritize to create seamless business operations.


00:08 – Interdepartmental communication is essential in any business as it shapes an employee’s understanding of what is occurring inside the company. Two business users can work toward the same priority but be unaware of the other’s efforts in achieving a common goal.

00:49 – Whenever a new face enters a company, it is vital that a business leader spends time ensuring that a new employee understands the company’s priorities to avoid any confusion or prevent failure – if someone does not know what is going on in a company, they are setting themselves up to fail.

01:18 – Over-communication is a way to ensure that a team is not focusing on conflicting priorities and enables a stronger means of setting those priorities.

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