From Surfers to Grocers, Dynamics 365 Is Where It’s At

In episode 6 of the “Inside Dynamics Communities” podcast, John Siefert, CEO, Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, Ryan Gonzalez, Senior Sales Director, Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, and Pam Misialek, Community Director, Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, discuss the latest user success stories that relate to Dynamics 365.


00:47 — John sets the stage for this episode of the podcast by sharing that each of them will be sharing user stories that they’ve been paying attention to. Ryan kicked things off by highlighting a story about the partners ecosystems coming together through Dynamics 365.

01:17 — Ryan explains that Optimus Business Solutions and LS Retail have collaborated in a partnership that will take both companies’ solutions and create a single, accurate, detailed solution that enables Freshmart to enhance its return on time investment (ROTI). Ryan notes how this partnership speaks to what Dynamics Communities stands for driving collaboration and making it easier for the clients and customers.

02:49 — John emphasizes that the goal of Dynamics Communities is to bring people together to decrease the complexities aligned with all of the systems that run businesses. The collaboration between Optimus Business Solutions and LS Retail is a prime example of the results when expertise is combined.

04:44 — Pam shares how Displays2go is implementing AP automation into its systems, which has accounted for a 40% increase in efficiency and a 95% decrease in costs spent. The company successfully consolidated its paper invoicing and its e-commerce invoicing. The company used Datahaven’s services to add a workflow into their business to help promote these efficiencies.

06:10 — John comments that this is another prime example of automation coming to life; it can lead to increased efficiencies but also defines a more significant workflow for the organization.

07:21 — John shares how he met someone driving the Uber he was in and is the business leader of a company that creates elite surfboards. He reached out to John for guidance on how to shift the business from running on Excel sheets, as the business began to grow and the company needed a more sophisticated system. He asked John for a recommendation and John suggested switching to the modern Dynamics 365.

09:22 — During their conversation, John explained to this business leader that there is a powerful community built around Dynamics 365 that can support him through the process. John explains that this company leader needed help rationalizing this business decision.

11:11 — This example highlights the “issues” many companies are facing as they look to modernize and bring in a new, sophisticated system. Dynamics 365 is a useful way for companies to optimize business processes, assist with financial planning, grow the business, and see a return on time investment.

12:46 — The Inside Dynamics Communities hosts encourage listeners to submit a Call for Proposals and let the team know what they want to hear at Community Summit 2023.

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