Poorly Designed Customizations Can Lead to Data Repair in Dynamics GP

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In this Community Summit North America 2022 moment, Jo deRuiter, Business Applications Practice Manager, Aisling Dynamics, reviews the common causes of data repair in Dynamics GP. 


00:14 – The number one cause of data repair in Dynamics GP relates to customizations – specifically, poorly written customizations.  

00:32 – Incorrect or poorly designed customizations can interfere with Dynamics GP’s regular data flow and introduce issues such as data in incorrect tables or data in multiple tables. 

00:47 – Another common issue with Dynamics GP is loss of connection to the server or network. Users who experience this issue should not attempt to troubleshoot – simply close down GP and start over again. However, users should report this issue because they should not ever lose connection to the SQL server. 

01:45 – Even milliseconds of lost connection could lead to processing errors – like hitting the same button multiple times while waiting for the server to respond – in Dynamics GP. In Dynamics GP, a user can see what processes are already running by clicking the Microsoft Dynamics GP drop-down and selecting Process Monitor. Clicking buttons over and over again will only disrupt the running process in Dynamics GP. 

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