How to Perform a Dynamics GP Health Check – and Why

A Dynamics GP Health Check GP helps you better understand how and where you can get additional value out of your GP environment, whether by upgrading your existing version, hosting your GP environment in Azure, or migrating to the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. 

Whether you’re looking to get more value out of your current Dynamics GP Environment or are preparing to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a Dynamics GP Health Check can help you make good, data-driven decisions about next steps. How? By utilizing the GP Assessment Tool. Just as a blood test is a tool for doctors to get a complete picture of the inner workings of their patient, the GP Assessment Tool gives our Enavate experts a detailed view of your Dynamics GP environment.  

What is the GP Assessment Tool?  

The first step in a Dynamics GP Health Check is Enavate’s GP Assessment Tool, designed to help you analyze your GP solution and determine the status of your technology ecosystem. It also helps you identify key considerations for moving to Business Central before you migrate, if that’s your goal. The tool is a framework or roadmap, helping you understand where you are and where you can go.  

The tool analyzes your GP SQL server, looking at higher-level metadata and mining it to understand the modules, features, vendors and processes you use. It also analyzes additional products you’ve installed, such as ISVs, so they’re taken into consideration for a migration. It looks at what the entire business solution would look like for you.   

All of this helps determine which tool to use and whether certain data will have to be transferred over manually, so you can determine how best to navigate your journey to the Cloud. It’ll also help you understand your GP system if you’re looking to improve and maximize existing processes, rather than migrate.   

The assessment tool is free, and the process can be done in less than five minutes. The tool needs a super user, someone who has read access to the SQL database, and it can be run on a desktop without the need for a server. It also can run while you have people in your GP system, so you don’t have to halt any operations or work.  

We would be remiss to not discuss data security when using this tool. Data is a company’s number one asset and we prioritize data security above all else. When using this tool, your data is fully encrypted to prevent the possibility of a security breach. Additionally, you have full anonymity while utilizing this tool on our servers. No one sees the final report, including Enavate, unless you want them too. 

Learn more about the GP Health Check Assessment Tool: Keep a Pulse on Your Tech with the Enavate Health Check

Once you’ve run the tool you will receive a report alerting you to any inefficiencies your system has in place. Or, if desired, a map of your best migration path to Dynamics 365 Business Central.   

Why is a Dynamics GP Health Check Important?  

Knowing your GP health status is like taking the pulse of your business. It tells you where your system is in the current business climate. A complete drill-down of your data will also enlighten you as to process inefficiencies, highlighting where you can streamline data for both your business and software migration.   

The Next Steps in Your GP Journey  

What journey are you on with your GP platform? Do you want to host your GP environment in Azure? Or are you ready to fully migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Whichever path you want to follow, Enavate can help. Our expert team has unmatched experience working with GP.  

Get in touch to learn more and get a free assessment of your GP environment.

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