Dynamics GP Power Tools to Simplify Administering Access

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In this Community Summit North America 2022 moment, Mr. David Musgrave, MVP, GPUG All-Star, Managing Director, Winthrop Development Consultants, describes various tools in Dynamics GP.


00:17 – The primary tool in Dynamics GP intended to simplify a user’s database administrator (DBA) is the Database Validation tool. This tool ensures that everything in GP matches in SQL.

00:32 – The Database Validation tool can recreate users when moving servers, ensure that tables are in correct formats before upgrading, and remove any “junk” from the utility tables so that a Dynamics GP upgrade is smooth.

00:47 – Another tool, System Features, gives users the ability to capture five levels of logs, with a single click to turn the tool on or off.

01:21 – Features in Dynamics GP are broken into two categories – standard and advanced features. The difference between the two feature categories is that one is for administrators, and one is for general users. Any standard feature is safe for a general user to do. Advanced features can potentially change data – these features are protected by several levels.

01:51 – An example of an advanced feature is Application-Level Security, which is behind a system password. To use this feature, a user must have permission at the SQL level.

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