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With global digital connectivity, Location intelligence is gaining popularity across all business sectors, as are its applications in various industries. Today, retail sales, transportation and distribution, restaurants, tourism, insurance and banking, legal services, et al are utilizing locational intelligence within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for a seamless experience. Location intelligence in healthcare acts as a vital tool for both public and commercial providers to improve future planning procedures.

Improving awareness of evolving changes in demographics and infrastructural improvements is the best way to ensure the successful deployment of resources. In fact, according to an IDC Canada survey, firms with mature location analysis procedures witnessed a 25% improvement in key business indicators over a two-year period. In addition, the healthcare business is changing due to the advent of various digital players as well as disasters. Formerly thriving hospitals and health systems are today battling to control expenses, increase revenues, train and retain workers, and attract patients. Today, CRM location data plays a vital role in healthcare planning by monitoring the change in the population’s demands and setting up services that can help accommodate and provide support ahead of time. We will look at how four distinct Users use locational intelligence in healthcare to improve business performance, strategize wisely, and increase revenue.

CXO for a Retail Healthcare

Today, Healthcare retailers greatly benefit from location intelligence for local accessibility and cost-effective budget decisions. John a CXO at Perk Healthcare Chain, uses land area mapping in Maplytics in his planning procedures to allow his hospitals, care homes, clinics, and pharmacies to expand into new, high-demand areas, designate new equally covered territories, and optimize existing or include new logistics networks. Maplytics aids Perk healthcare attract and retain patients while also favorably impacting their behavior. Mr. John for his Retail Healthcare division can choose new locations based on footfall data analysis utilizing heat maps in Maplytics, and readily analyze the implications of new infrastructure improvements in the shortest amount of time. Maplytics’ Geo-Analytical Dashboard also gives John a complete geographic, demographic, and temporal awareness of a company’s demands in order to strategically deploy its resources.  CXOs can use Maplytics to solve retail challenges such as drive time and distance profiling, network optimization, site selection planning, and franchise area evaluation.

Marketing Manager for a Pharma Division

Today’s healthcare enterprises are faced with intense competition from digital start-ups focusing on niche profitable audiences. This has completely altered the game, from new patient acquisition to client retention and relations. Marketing is crucial in these shifting circumstances. Ross, a marketing manager at New Pharma, seeks to better understand the demands of his customers and develop internal operations, content, programs, and campaigns to meet those needs. Ross is able to maximize his sales and marketing performance by building and balancing territories depending on user behavior using Maplytics territory management. Ross can see which areas are underperforming with a quick glance at the summary card and launch campaigns to improve them. Ross can easily send tailored messages to users’ using Maplytics mass actions feature. Based on Maplytics templates, mailers can be about new services, new offers, or connecting messages. Maplytics’ real-time tracking ensures that field marketing staff is on the ground and delivering the message to clients. Marketing managers can use Maplytics to guarantee that resources are optimized correctly and efficiently.

Sales Manager for a Health Insurance

In their march toward digital transformation, health insurers are increasingly relying on location intelligence. For example, Mark, a sales manager at Abigail Insurance, wants to learn about a specific location utilizing geographic data sets to model risk in order to plan, insure, and respond more swiftly and efficiently for their insurance products. Mark can simply use Census data in Maplytics (5 stars rated maps integration app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM) to visualize the population of the targeted region, the count of people belonging to a certain age group, income bracket, installments paid, etc. to understand the market and determine their target audience for their products or services. This will help Mark develop their approach for customers and enterprises in a specific market region based on their risk levels, behaviors, and attributes. Later through custom push pins, he can get pinpoint his agents and brokers and can plan their activities accordingly. Mark can also help his brokers and agents educate his customers on the risks they face and can provide fast quotes and types of coverage based on their location, previous behaviors, and claims through the CRM records.

Administration for a Hospital

In healthcare, resources are always limited, and understanding how to use them optimally helps to reduce waste, especially when it comes to perishable drugs and blood. Healthcare can segment and visualize data based on the records in CRM.  With the information provided, Adam, an administrator at Morning Hospital, can plan resources using Maplytics in Dynamics CRM. Also, with ambulances, the target arrival times are very short, and every minute counts when it comes to saving lives. Through Maplytics route planners, Adam delivers optimized route plans to a driver’s tablet or smartphone for smarter routes and shorter drive times. The second pain point that Maplytics helps mark is with setting appointments or meetings with clients. Appointment planning in Maplytics comes in handy when Adam has to organize meetings or set them up for stakeholders such as doctors visiting your many hospitals for surgery or nurses doing home visits for the elderly or bedridden patients. Adams now has more time, fewer cancellations, more predictable appointment times, and higher levels of member satisfaction thanks to Maplytics. Adam can also quantify driving times and envisage prospective options for a robust dispatch network without undesirable overlaps in Maplytics, which would help a healthcare organization achieve this critical goal.

Maplytics today is supporting a better working environment at a time when healthcare professionals are stretched thin. Maplytics with its Locational Intelligence is also aiding employees to have a better work-life balance and also boosting its revenue.  Global behemoths in a variety of industries, including Dental Traumatology Projects OÜ in Dentistry, SVMIC in Insurance, Trefor in Utility Supply, Performance Brokerage Services in Brokerage Consultancy, Data Sciences International in Medical, T-Grex in Mechanical Sales and Consultation,  Strong Spas  & Vert Bleu in Manufacturing,  and many more are already leveraging Maplytics for smart mobility and statistical derivations to achieve greater business objectives.

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