Resolve 5,000 Items Threshold Limit in SharePoint by creating Customized Document Library Structures!

SharePoint Security Sync

James, a sales manager at Datum Corporation, uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 SharePoint Integration to store and manage CRM documents/files in SharePoint. Eventually, he exceeded Microsoft’s recommended limit of 5,000 items per SharePoint document library.  

While you can store up to 30 million items per SharePoint library, Microsoft’s recommended limit is 5,000 items per document library, after which you will encounter problems such as being unable to view more than 5,000 items in a library, encountering errors when creating unique permissions for folders, renaming or moving files within the library taking more time due to overloaded servers.

As a result, Microsoft has set the 5,000 item limit to provide a seamless user experience with the SharePoint document library by keeping server performance at an optimal level and allowing users to access the library quickly and without any issues, and not due to the widely held misconception that storage capacity is limited.

Unfortunately, there is no OOB functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 SharePoint integration that enables users to keep more than the SharePoint document library limit of 5,000 items without having to deal with the problems that come with it. Likewise, there is no way to deal with the unique permissions limit for 50,000 items per document library or list.

So, when James was searching for solutions to resolve these SharePoint limits, Brad, one of James’s team members, informed him about a Microsoft Preferred App, SharePoint Security Sync’s limitless document management functionalities and how it can assist their organization in overcoming the SharePoint document library limit and unique permissions limit by creating custom library structures based on the organization’s document management needs to keep documents across various libraries without exceeding the 5,000 item limit.

If you’re like James and want to learn more about this Microsoft Preferred App, SharePoint Security Sync, keep reading.

SharePoint Security Sync is an Microsoft AppSource Preferred app integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and SharePoint for managing documents and user security privileges. James can automatically sync Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM user security privileges to SharePoint document access permissions by using SharePoint Security Sync.

This guarantees the same level of security for documents stored in SharePoint as it does in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and James can also use workflows to automate the process of creating SharePoint folders.

James can also overcome SharePoint limits by creating custom folder structures in SharePoint using SharePoint Security Sync.

Let’s learn in more detail about the custom folder structure feature of SharePoint Security Sync app by Inogic.

Customized library/folder structures to resolve SharePoint library limits

Depending on his needs, James can easily create customized document library structures within SharePoint. Using SharePoint Security Sync Structures of document libraries can be customized by Period (periodically), Starting Character (alphabetically), or Custom Names (based on specific field names in CRM records).

Another advantage of this feature is that it enables James to create folder structures that differ from the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and SharePoint integration folder structures. Instead of organizing libraries on a per-entity basis (e.g., Account, Contact, or Lead), he will have complete control over creating folder structures based on his particular needs. It will enable James to boost the productivity of his team by allowing them to quickly navigate the SharePoint documents they need. It would also help James avoid exceeding the 5,000 item limit by storing files/items across various customized folder structures.

Assume James has exceeded the 5,000-item limit for the SharePoint document library where he saves account entity data. So, James creates a six-month document library and stores files/items related to that period in it. He customizes the SharePoint record folder structures by using a logical name, text, or a combination of the two, and sets the ‘Period type’ to ‘X Month’ and ‘Duration’ to ‘6’ for the Account entity.

As a result, James now has a SharePoint document library where he can store files/items for each Account entity record created over 6 months.

Similarly, James can arrange the document library alphabetically or by CRM record field name. This proves very helpful for segregating and storing CRM data in SharePoint based on your specific requirements.

Did you find this feature useful?

There is more to SharePoint Security Sync’s features. If you want to try out the app for yourself, you can get it for a 15-day free trial period from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

Please contact us at for a personalized demo of the app or to ask any questions related to SharePoint Security Sync.

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