How To Release a Production Order To a Manufacturing Facility

In this Community Summit North America 2022 moment, Steven Chinsky, Manager – Operations and Supply Chain, Wipfli, explains how to release a production order to a manufacturing facility using Dynamics 365 BC.


00:07 – Once a user releases a production order, the system selects a starting and ending date and time based on routing.

00:27 – When a user runs a production order, the system generates a report which suggests if the facility is out of stock of raw material components.

01:02 – After the production order has been released, the order will become a part of the production floor. After an order is released, if any of the data is changed, the system will automatically update the start and end times based on the changes.

02:06 – Specific components of a production order can each be changed separately inside of the release production order field. If a user changes any of the components in the production order, they must refresh the page in order to generate a new start and end time in the routing.

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