Four Key Benefits of Business Central

Your small to medium-sized organization can utilize Microsoft Business Central to elevate and empower your organization in the digital age. As business interactions move more and more online, business management software must keep pace. With an all-in-one system for managing finances, sales, services, projects, operations, supply chains, and more, Business Central enables complete business oversight. In this blog, we will explore four key benefits of Business Central that can maximize productivity and growth. 

Cloud and Web-Based System 

As a cloud-based system, Business Central facilitates access and collaboration from any location, on any device. The innovative ERP system will give you and your business the freedom of working from any device, allowing you to advance your goals from any location. 

Microsoft 365 Integration

Business Central has seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams, allowing you to utilize these Microsoft apps according to your needs. Additionally, this integration allows you to easily toggle between applications to handle tasks. For example, you can improve your efficiency by jointly editing your customer records through a Teams chat.

Improved User Experience 

Business Central prioritizes user experience through an intuitive, space-maximizing interface. You can easily navigate through the system by using the prominent back button and the centralized system commands. Above all, these prominent navigation tools, and a clean, centered layout, allow users to navigate the system with ease.

Flexibility through Customization
Business Central allows you to create a platform that is most suitable to the needs of you and your business.  This flexibility gives you the opportunity to design your pages to display only relevant information. Additionally, add-ons from AppSource allow the system to match unique business needs.

Next Steps 

Logan Consulting is a a proud Microsoft partner. We are committed to ensuring their clients get the most out of their ERP. If you are interested in growing your business, contact us today to speak to an expert. 

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