Customization within Business Central

Microsoft’s Business Central is a popular ERP system for small to mid-sized businesses. The software is perfect for companies that are expanding their organization or looking to increase their efficiency in day-to-day tasks. Business Central comes equipped with a variety of features that are each completely configurable to each business’s unique needs. In this blog post, we will discuss three elements that you can customize to harness the power of Business Central.


Microsoft can integrate a variety of extensions into its systems in order to tailor your ERP to your business needs. Your business can connect your preferred third-party extension directly to Business Central. By working with a third-party extension, your business can get the most functionality out of Business Central.


Each Workspace can be adapted depending on the role of each individual, allowing any user to have a specific workspace depending on their role within the company. This allows everyone to view and access a distinct workspace that directly fits their activities. Additionally, organizations can further customize workspaces by choosing to allow or prohibit individual unique customization of each workspace. By disabling personalization, organizations can ensure uniformity across their pages. This choice all depends on the specific business needs of each workplace and role.

User Interface

Through the “Experience” setting, organizations can decide which features will be shown in each user interface. By customizing your User Interface, businesses can control how they engage with the Business Central software.

Next Steps

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