Reply To: How Many Email Delivery Attempts Will Be Made Before An Email Is Canceled?

  • Jim Corriveau

    June 5, 2023 at 10:48 pm


    The direct answer to your version question is: CRM/SSS and Exchange in the cloud, latest version across the board, all owned and operated by Microsoft.

    A question to your question, is there a difference in delivery attempts before cancellation for the different versions and cloud/on-premise configurations? If so, do you know what those numbers are?

    (It’s early-on with Dynamics Communities and, selfishly, I need this site to succeed because it’s predecessor had a wealth of information and was enormously helpful in my day-to-day. In this discussion, I only really care about the cloud version of everything, but one thing I hated in the old site was finding a discussion that answered the question for a specific configuration, but did not answer it for my configuration. This is my attempt to buck the trend of leaving different configurations out of the response, or maybe a wake up call to the site admins to add a method to give responses to the same issue for Users with different configurations?)

    Thank you,


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