Removing Salary values from HR Applicant Offer Window

  • Removing Salary values from HR Applicant Offer Window

    Posted by Howard Blitstein on May 12, 2023 at 11:12 am

    We have an urgent situation where users were inadvertently entering the salary in the HR Applicant Offer window where they should have not. Eyes that should not see this number have and upper management needs me to remove these values from the table.

    Using the Resource Description lookup I can identify the tables that stores the value(SALARYHI) but attempts to delete the values from the column does not do anything. My first assumption that this was stored in the HR2OFF02 table but when I deleted the column for a few employees, I could see the values when I did a lookup on them in the window.

    I did modify the window so that field is not editable but not sure if that works either.

    I’ve looked at all the tables this field is in and just can’t seem to find a hit. Another wrinkle is we have Multi Entity Management and I know somehow this is in play too.

    Any help would be truly appreciated.

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