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  • Document Management for GP

    Posted by DSC Communities on February 16, 2017 at 11:53 am
    • Art Cabot


      February 16, 2017 at 11:53 AM

      Does anyone have experience with a document management system that’s user friendly and can, for example, take the various reports produced during payroll processing and put them into easily-searchable storage, perhaps even naming them for the batch name?  In our naming convention, the batch name contains everything we’d need to search on.

      Art Cabot
      IT Director
      Sizemore, Inc.
      Augusta GA

    • Windi Epperson


      February 17, 2017 at 9:42 AM

      I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but take a look at DRM by Rockton.
      Dynamics Report Manager – Dynamics GP Reporting Tool

      Rocktonsoftware remove preview
      Dynamics Report Manager – Dynamics GP Reporting Tool
      Dynamics Report Manager, our Dynamics GP reporting tool, enhances your accounting solution with increased reporting capabilities. Contact us to learn more!
      View this on Rocktonsoftware >


      Windi Epperson
      President/GP Senior Consultant
      Advanced Integrators, Inc.
      Norman OK
      405-946-1774 Ext 102

    • Curtis Cruz


      February 17, 2017 at 9:54 AM

      Hi Art,

      I hope this message finds you well.  If you are referring to Document Management where by you scan backup documents for journal entries or even invoices and tying them to the original transaction, we here at Apex Healthcare Partners use PaperSave.

      PaperSave is a company that works well in my experience with GP and is a program that will need to be installed on another server with SQL Server setup.  When you launch GP, PaperSave will as well be launched along side with it and as you are working in GP, you can attach documents to your journal entries or invoices by scanning them in directly from the General Journal window or Payables Transaction Entry windows.

      I suppose this could also be done with the Batch windows however, a batch number could technically be used multiple time and is not unique enough so you could potentially have several documents tied to a particular batch that was used (I mean posted) more than once in a given day.

      We use PaperSave for all invoices that come in the door. When our AP reps receive an invoice, we scan the invoice during the time of entering a Voucher or Journal Entry.  You could as well chose to Scan Later and just enter the invoice quickly and print a barcode for each invoice you enter and attach the invoice with each bar code you print and scan the documents in at a later time.  It really does not slow down our reps from entering invoices much and is worth the paper and filing we save.

      At a later time, when we wish to bring up an invoice or journal entry, you can Inquire on the transaction directly in GP by using the GP inquiry screens. when you drill back into a journal entry or invoice, PaperSave gives you an option to click on the scanned document directly from the Inquiry window.  As well, if you wish to inquire and print multiple invoices at once that may have been entered in a given month, directly from SmartList you could run your query and return all scanned documents contained in your query directly from SmartList.

      Many times our Auditors give us a list of particular invoices they would like to see for a particular Voucher Number. We import this list into a table and use SmartList Builder to create a SmartList of this list. Then we can return all scanned documents right from within SmartList that the Auditors are inquiring about.  As well with journal entries.

      PaperSave works with all transactions in GP including Fixed Assets, Payables, Receivables, Check Printing etc.


      Curtis Cruz
      Database Administrator
      Apex Healthcare Partners LLC
      Montebello NY

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