Customer/Vendor documents info based on business unit

  • Customer/Vendor documents info based on business unit

    Posted by Mark Zerr on April 25, 2024 at 8:20 am

    I’m looking into a scenario were based on a customer or vendor business unit I would like to show a different company address and possibly have language switch. Doing this inside on one legal entity inside D365 seems a challenge. If you have traveled this road, I would appreciate your feedback on how you accomplished, including if you found a third-party products.

    John Wainwright replied 4 weeks ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • John Wainwright

    April 25, 2024 at 8:46 am

    Hi Mark,

    Yes, this is certainly doable, and with standard functionality.

    In the Print Management settings for a given module, you can create a new “conditional” document. Then, you can set criteria on when this print management setting should be used instead of the default.

    Then – you can supply a different report to be used – which can show a different address, different overall content and formatting, different language, etc.

    You might use this option if you only have two ways you want to go – default, or not default.

    • Default – use this document for everyone…except…
    • If this circumstance is true (dept, whatever) use this other doc.

    You can also just do this right on the individual Customer or Vendor record. Under the General tab – you’ll find a Print Management option. Here, you can do the same thing – but specifically tie a print management document profile to a given vendor or customer.

    You might use this option if you have:

    • Default – use this document for everyone…except…
    • For this customer or vendor, use alternate doc 1
    • For this customer, use alternate doc 2
    • For these three customers, use alternate doc 3
    • And so on.

    This per Vendor/Customer is frequently used, when the “default” PO confirmation (for example) gets emailed to the primary email address on the Vendor – but for this special Vendor, they want it to also get cc’d to these two other people.

    Which way would be best for you, would depend on how many report variations you’d have, and how many customers/vendors we’re talking about. Only a couple? Just put a custom Print Mgmt definition right on the customer or vendor. Dozens/hundreds, and it’s either this report – or that report – depending on some consistent criteria? Might be better to do Conditional at the module level.

    Here’s some documentation on that.

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