Correct PO Receipt Mistake

  • Correct PO Receipt Mistake

    Posted by Mark Yankovich on June 23, 2023 at 1:58 pm

    We use AX 2023 R3 with Advanced Warehouse (WMS). The situation below describes a simple mistake. We are asking how others correct this. What we are doing is lengthy.


    A purchase order is created that has 30 lines, each with a different item.

    24 of the items arrive.

    Using a mobile device lines 1-25 are registered. This is incorrect as only 24 items arrived, but it is not caught.

    – Quality orders are generated.

    – WMS work is created to move them from Receiving to Inspection location.

    The WMS work is processed.

    The quality orders are satisfied.

    A receipt is processed to receive all 25 of the registered lines.


    It is discovered that line 18 should not have been received.

    Line 18 needs to be open again.

    How is this mistake corrected in AX?

    Thank you!


    Kelly Gustafson replied 12 months ago 3 Members · 2 Replies
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  • Crystal Ahrens

    June 27, 2023 at 10:59 am

    Question are you trying to correct it from the mobile device if so this is a great article Why you can’t reverse a purchase registration in WHS in AX 2012 R3 | timsaxblog (

    If are in AX mind you its been a while and I do not have a test system any more it an end life system

    This might be able to help

    Step 1: Create a Correction Journal

    To fix an incorrect quantity received against a purchase order, the first thing you need to do is create a correction journal. Go to Inventory Management > Journals > Item Counting > Correction. In the correction journal form, you will need to select the warehouse where the goods were received, the purchase order number, and the item in question. Next, fill in the details of the correction; in this case, the correct quantity received.

    Step 2: Post the Correction Journal

    After creating the correction journal, the next step is to post it to the system. To do this, click on the Post button located on the toolbar at the top of the correction journal form. Once the journal has been posted, the quantity in the warehouse for the item will be updated, reflecting the correct amount received. However, the purchase order will still show an incorrect quantity.

    Step 3: Create a Purchase Order Correction

    To update the incorrect quantity on the purchase order, you will need to create a purchase order correction. Go to Procurement and Sourcing > Purchase Orders > All Purchase Orders. In the all purchase orders form, locate the purchase order in question and click on Edit. In the Purchase order form, go to the Corrections tab, and create a new purchase order correction. In the correction, fill in the details of the adjustment; in this case, the difference between the incorrect quantity received and the correct quantity.

    Step 4: Approve the Purchase Order Correction

    Once the purchase order correction has been created, it will need to be approved. To do this, go to the Purchase order correction form and click on the Submit button located on the toolbar at the top. After submission, the correction will be sent to the appropriate person for approval. Once approved, the purchase order will be updated, reflecting the correct quantity received.

    Step 5: Mark the Correction as Complete

    After the correct quantity has been updated on the purchase order, the last step is to mark the correction as complete. Doing this ensures that the correction will not be processed again and that the incorrect quantity will not be mentioned on any reports. To mark the correction as complete, go to Inventory Management > Journals > Item Counting > Correction. Locate the correction journal in question and click on the Complete button located on the toolbar at the top of the form.

  • Kelly Gustafson

    June 27, 2023 at 11:04 am

    Hi Mark, Is this before or after invoicing? If it’s before invoicing, you can go to the Product receipt journal on the PO and click Correct, then enter the actual received quantity and allow the system to correct the receipt.

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