Reply To: What is your CE Database Size and How to Manage Activity Pointer Base

  • Jeff Woodard

    June 7, 2023 at 4:24 pm

    We have about 40 users and use it pretty heavily, but are only at around 12GB on the database. We struggle with the size of the same table though. One item I’m working on is removing duplicate e-mail addresses. At one point we made the call to set up employees as contacts, which lead to duplicate e-mail pointer records under both the user and contact records. Right off the bat that’s doubling the size of the activity pointer table. I also discovered an application user that had a shared mailbox that was somehow syncing every e-mail, including spam, and creating contacts for the spammers to add insult to injury. I know there also have been glitches in the past where CRM was doing some weird things and randomly tracking e-mail that it shouldn’t have and lead to a lot of bloat. You can also user the XRM Toolbox User Settings utility to look at the rules that each user has set – you may find someone is inadvertently syncing all e-mails.

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