Canned SmartLists based on SQL View

  • Canned SmartLists based on SQL View

    Posted by DSC Communities on January 10, 2017 at 2:09 pm
    • Diana Doane


      January 10, 2017 at 2:09 PM

      In preparing for closing the year I’ve run into a researching opportunity. 

      To verify the settings for Unit Accounts I went to the canned SmartList ‘Accounts’ which is based on the SQL View ‘Accounts’.  With filter applied for Account Type of Unit, it results all the Unit Accounts and the setup particulars except for the one I want – – Clear Balance During Year End Close.  Wonderful addition in recent GP versions is the ability to Clear Balances (or not) of Unit accounts rather than the SQL scripting afterwards method of years past. 

      Quick review of the canned SmartList does not show this column to add.  Opening the canned SmartList thru SmartList Builder also shows this field is not available.  Ok, so new field didn’t get added to the ‘Accounts’ View in SQL?  Nope, it’s there.

      I’m familiar with SmartList Builder’s feature to Refresh Lists if updates to Views are made after a SmartList is created.  This of course does not work on canned SmartLists.  There doesn’t seem to be a comparable feature in core GP for the canned SmartLists. At least the secret door remains hidden to me.

      I can create an entire new SmartList Object using Builder based on the same ‘Accounts’ View.  The field does show up this way.  Or I could do some SQL scripting to run against each database.  I can work around the current block. 

      Was wondering though if anyone knows of a way to simply update the canned SmartList for new fields in a SQL View?


      Diana Doane
      Ascend Learning, LLC
      Leawood KS

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