Reply To: Two companies with same Name in same GP instance

  • Kerry Hataley

    May 3, 2024 at 9:28 am

    Good Morning Rick,

    So there are a couple of concerns that you need to think about…

    1. Is there any report, check or such that will display the ‘Company’ name and is that going to be the CORRECT LEGAL name that can be used.

    For example I have my company registered in both US and Canada with the same name (Nanook Software, Inc) – I do not want US / CND for marketing reasons.

    How I get around it is with the <space> trick. Since Dexterity (Programming in Dynamics GP) has code to strip spaces at the beginning and end of the Company Name, you need to **HIDE** the <space> in the Name. I hope the name is NOT a single word.

    So for me I use:

    Nanook<space>Software,Inc for US

    Nanook<space>Software,<space>Inc for Canada

    You see the <space> added to the ‘ ,Inc ‘

    Now for single word company names, you have a problem – you must add a char somewhere.

    You can add an extended ascii char or even a non printing ascii char- with care.

    WARNING – DO NOT JUST change it in the SQL Table SY01500, it will create issues. I looked into the source code, you will have problems.

    For the users, not to get confused I would suggest using one of the many tools that changes the background colour for each company. (Winthroup – GP Power Tools and WilloWare – GP PowerPack have tools available)

    I hope this helps.

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