Reply To: GP 18.6.1695 (2023) Inventory Item Update Tool?

  • Clay Tait

    April 3, 2024 at 7:21 pm

    Wow! Thank you Chris for replying so quickly.

    I will look into it, but Yes, I think I have seen it mixed in there somewhere (maybe on the server?). Now that you have given me something to look for, I will go from there.

    Another question, we have never implemented the direct emailing out of our customers Invoices, Quotes or Statements, because our partner was not able to get the emailing feature working (we have tried for several year and finally gave up). So we currently print of the documents (Invoices, Quotes or Statements), and scan them (email them) from our printer to our own AR Clerks email, and then we re-email them out to our customers. Is there a trick to get the direct email working? We are in Canada and would you have an guestimate on what you would charge us get this working on our system? We would discuss this privately obviously. 1 780 451 4321

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