Reply To: GP 2018.6

  • Beat Bucher

    March 21, 2024 at 3:59 pm

    Hi Eddie,

    To complement on what Kerry replied.. Unless you’re a Microsoft Partner and have a NFR license of GP as part of your partnership, there is unlikely a way you could have purchased your GP without going thru a reselling VAR / Partner.

    Microsoft has your registered partner on file and you just have to ask them which one it is.. It happens sometime in companies that the person that was responsible for the management of GP licenses/maintenance contrat has left and didn’t provide the next person all the information, leaving them in the dark as to what their support includes.

    Customers can change partners any time if not happy with the provided service by their current VAR. The new VAR would have to get some papers signed by the customer to officialize the transfer to the new partner. Even with a registered VAR, you’re not obligated to use them to perform your upgrade. You can go with any independent consultant you feel confortable with.

    Request several quotes for your update..



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