Reply To: Sales Order Process Automation – Microsoft Dynamics

  • Jill Valerio

    February 22, 2024 at 3:30 pm

    Hi, yes correct it would be an excel file. We have looked at Smart Connect but we were “told” we had to import all the data header and body. We originally said we would start the order (all the header information) and import the lines (the items # and quantities) and was under the impression this was not possible. It sounds like we can?

    We are looking for simplicity and what was presented to us was much more cumbersome than we wanted for trying to simplify.

    If we start the header of the order- we potentially can add lines with smart connect? When we enter an item # the price pulls from the customer paster price level assigned to the Customer so really all we need to enter in an order is the Item # and quantity. Sometimes we have orders with 100 to 300 lines.

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