Reply To: GP Fixed Assets Mass Retirement issue

  • Howard Blitstein

    February 20, 2024 at 4:19 pm

    Hello again. Worked with the user and watched what he did. He was creating a new group by importing from excel the assets he wants to retire. Upon completion of the import the report that printed had only two columns of data; one showing the asset id and and the second saying that the No suffix exists, nuts. Didn’t get that screenshot. Ugh. He said the excel file was the same file and format they use all the time, but obviously nothing is being imported in and checking Show Selected, the window was empty. Unfortunatley FA is something I did way back but using Sage, not GP, so I am not a lot of help. I’ll happily reach out to our partner for assistance, but if you think this is something as simple as a messed up excel feed file, please let me know. I have sometime on this .

    Thanks for all the help as usual!


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