Reply To: AP Safepay (Positive Pay) mitched matched Payee name vs Posted Payee name

  • Christine Polifka

    January 26, 2024 at 10:02 am

    @Kerry and @Jo DeRuiter,

    I had forgot that I changed the vendor card on 12/19. If this is the case, I changed it to PC Connection Sales Corp. It now shows this on the new transactions and reflects on the new checks.

    I am going to change it to be the same as the bank, wish me luck. I will have one transaction it will not show on the new check. But I hope this will correct itself on future transactions and checks.

    Jo DeRuiter, I had forgotten about this when you update the vendor card. I appreciate you bringing that to my attention. I will update my notes.

    Thank you again, as this community and members provide support. It is great way to gain knowledge!!

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