Reply To: Remove History

  • David Morinello

    August 14, 2023 at 2:56 pm

    There are a number of solutions within the GP feature list. And since it’s part of GP, it’s free. Open GP and the Help screen and search for Remove or Removal.

    If you hunt around there are also a number of SQL scripts that can help you trim some of your Master tables. Queries to identify Customers or Vendors with no activity in x years.


    There is one 3rd party from Professional Advantage called Archiver that can remove or archive to a new database. I don’t necessary recommend it for a few reasons. Difficult to maintain and any custom code or even some standard GP is not supported. Plus the vendor is quite difficult to work with. B But it is your choice based on your specific needs.

    Of course, test on a lower environment and document your steps. And remember to back up!

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