Reply To: Phantom Items

  • Dave Phillips

    November 5, 2023 at 10:51 pm

    Hi –

    The Phantom designation on an Item only carries to new BOM (Formula implied) lines that are created. It does not retroactively update existing BOM or Production BOM lines. This scenario is best handled by an Engineering Change (if live) to rev the changes. BTW, make sure the Item setup is consistent with Phantom (e.g. don’t designate the Item as Purchase in Order Settings). The same advice applies to BOM lines and Production (Batch Order) BOM (Formula) lines. You could create a runnable class. The four main BOM tables are BOMTable (header), BOMVersion (version), BOM (lines), and PRODBOM (Production Order lines). Have a look at BOM and PRODBOM (BOM snapshot used by Production). Pay keen attention to the Production Order Status if looking at PRODBOM (Estimated Status is when the BOM gets exploded). The phantom field is an Enum. If ECM is enabled, it’s possible there is another BOM related table or two. I have not looked into that.


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