Reply To: Tax Connector Vertex/Tax Exemptions

  • Raheel Rao

    June 2, 2023 at 12:43 pm

    Hi James, thanks for you feedback on this. Customer group is what we have been exploring as well however has some limitations like (i) Customer may not always be an exempted and changing CustGroup on the fly on POS is not nice customer experience due to the fact that it can take time – consider channel database sync time too! (ii)We lose ability to capture tax exempt info like standard POS would allow us to. To handle this, we’ll need development on POS to capture exempt info to be compliant. (iii)Since not all retail walk-in customers will be registered so we’ll have a challenge there. We’re exploring creating generic customers for them while at the same time analyzing customization to allow capturing the exemption number on the sale transaction itself to remain compliant.

    A better solution would have been to use standard tax override feature of D365/POS with Vertex allowing us to capture the info within POS/HQ as well as send to Vertex for reporting purposes. Less customization the better, especially for common to industry scenarios like these.

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