Reply To: Accounting date cannot be updated on PO

  • Dave Phillips

    May 8, 2023 at 2:39 pm

    Hi Wendy –

    Try this in TEST….

    Resetting the purchase order accounting distributions using “Purchase Order Distribution Reset” (Procure and Sourcing > Periodic Task > Clean up > Purchase Order Distribution Reset) allowed to confirm the purchase order.

    1. Navigate to Procurement and sourcing > Periodic tasks > Clean up > Purchase order distribution reset and select the desired purchase order then click ‘Ok’.

    2. Navigate to Procurement and sourcing > Purchase orders > All purchase orders and select the desired order then under the ‘Purchase’ tab click ‘Confirm’ to proceed with the PO confirmation.

    3. Go to the PO header and Change the accounting date to today’s date.

    4. Back to the PO lines and from the ‘Financials’ drop-down menu in the PO lines grid select ‘Distribute amounts’ and click ‘Correct’ so new accounting distribution records will be created.

    Very old Purchase Orders can be a special case. Also, there may be some new code to help alleviate the problem in 10.0.33.


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