Reply To: Microsoft updates & upgrades. How are you managing these?

  • Ian Waring

    May 4, 2023 at 4:24 pm

    Staffing model:

    -How many IT staff members are supporting your solution?


    -What are the IT roles (PM, BA, Developer, etc.)?

    1 Infrastructure
    2 Finance Specialists


    -What is your standard testing approach for updates and/or upgrades?

    Recorded all 60 of our Finance Processes, integrated them with RSAT.

    -How do you ensure MSFT updates are incorporated without breaking existing functionality?

    Monthly Cadences and all Quality Updates deployed on staging server.
    All RSAT tests run.
    One test (Power Automate with AI Builder) to ensure all document layouts are complete
    Set as release candidate, push to Production

    -How often are they performing full regression testing?

    Used to be on Monthly Update Cadences only.
    However, Microsoft have caught us out adding new security roles and matching field security in quality updates, so we do the full works every update now.

    -How many test cases are being executed during regression testing?

    60 tests – recordings of all our standard finance processes across 14 customised job roles.

    Work management:

    -Are system enhancements and bug fixes placed on-hold during regression testing?

    No – all done on staging, only goes to production when whole test suite passes.

    -Who in your org is responsible for reviewing and understanding the impacts of an update?

    Infrastructure specialist working alongside Financial Controller.

    -Once the update(s) is understood, are all regression test cases executed every time there is an update?

    Yes, without fail.

    FWIW last time we counted it (our fiscal Q2), we updated Production 42x in the quarter – with no need to involve any finance staff in manual testing.

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