Reply To: Credit and Collections across Multiple Legal Entities

  • Hector Negron

    May 3, 2023 at 1:14 am

    Yes. You, there are two solutions to do that. One is within Dynamocs 365 BC which is pre integrated to your Dynamocs version. Stories for each company would be set up. Everytime an event in F&O happens, CRM would choose the story of the particular company and email a specific letter. All this would be store in clients account. You can even use the DocuSign integration to swnd out any agreement letters you may rwach with clients in default. In my case, I even have accounting collect using CRM with the ringcentral integration. You can also use Teams Phine plan if you like. So all outboung calls are generated witthjng CRM leaving a collection log. I can go on and on… and yes, I personally use it internally. Now the other solution is a solutio. We have for forms management (design, delivery and archiving). You can email me and I can provide info for both…

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