Reply To: Releasing to Warehouse in Inventory UOM rather than Sales Order UOM

  • Scott Anderson

    February 8, 2023 at 9:17 am

    We have a product that we inventory in the UOM of Boxes (BX) and the primary Sales unit is BX. However, we also allow the customers to place their orders in pallets (PF). When the order is released to the warehouse and the shipment is generated it places the demand in the UOM of the order rather than the inventory UOM.

    This is not usually a huge concern but in cases when we have to short ship we often have issues posting the packing slip because the quantity we are shipping matches only a fraction of the order UOM.

    For us, our preference would be to always release to the warehouse and create the shipment demand in the INVENTORY UOM rather than the order UOM because we actually ship by inventory UOM.

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