Reply To: Purchase Order reporting

  • Jo deRuiter

    March 26, 2024 at 10:40 am

    Hi @joe-gorman-homegmail-com

    If you are using Inventory there is an Inventory Purchase Orders report that shows all open items on PO’s and their QTY status.

    Otherwise, if you are not using inventory and wanted it presented in a more readable fashion, then use a configuration package for Purchase Lines (Table 39), choose which columns (so many you can choose that are helpful for this report), filter the list in the config package to pull just the status’ you are interested in, like Purchase Order and export that to Excel.

    In Addition, you can build custom reports using API connections that will give you this information through Excel or Power BI, etc.

    Also, if you use your lookup magnifying glass and enter “Purchase Lines” you’ll get a great list with all of the status’ including Amt Rec’d Not Invoiced, etc.

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