Reply To: Tracking SN & Lot

  • Chris Warren

    February 21, 2024 at 6:50 pm

    Ah… this brings back a lot of ‘fun’ memories I had when I took over our NAV instance 6-7 years ago.

    We had a very similar situation, where we needed to change practically all of our item tracking codes. Some items weren’t tracked that needed to be, and other items (think screws, nuts, washers) were item tracked and no one knew why.

    @Lewis_Rosenberg Is correct with what he said. But we didn’t want to create all new item cards, and essentially have duplicates in the system with one being item tracked, and the other not. So we had our Partner write a report that would update the item tracking code using the process that Lewis mentioned. But there are a lot of things to take into account:

    • You have to bring that item to zero quantity for this to work
    • Before you bring the item to zero, run an Inventory Valuation Report.
    • Do an item journal to bring the inventory to zero
    • Run the report on that item to update the tracking
    • Put the item back in using an Item Journal with all respective lot or serial numbers
    • Run “Adjust Cost – Item Entries”
    • Run an Inventory Valuation to ensure your Inventory Value didn’t change
    • Perform a revaluation if necessary to get it back in balance.

    And if you are using Warehousing, you will want to ensure your warehouse location is set up to your liking. There is a setup that you need to enable if you want to track at the Zone/Bin level. Otherwise, it just shows what lots/serial are at a location, and not where each lot/serial can be located within the warehouse.

    It took me a week with 4-5 people to get our inventory straight with the proper item tracking and ensure it didn’t mess up our financials. We now have a process in place when we create items, we do an analysis of what actually needs to be tracked, so we don’t run into this issue again.

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