Reply To: Does BC/NAV require TLS (on the server)?

  • Jeff Woodard

    January 26, 2024 at 6:21 pm

    I can’t speak specifically to BC, but I suspect your major impacts will be on the SQL server, web server, and web clients rather than NAV/BC. It is a very good security measure to adopt. We did this about 2 years ago with on-prem SQL and web servers, and didn’t have any major issues. I recall we did have some unexpected issues with MS Office (I can’t recall specifically what), and had a couple of PC clients that got missed. Research any specific settings needed if you’re running older versions of SQL or Windows Server. Here’s the official documentation from MS including the registry key settings: We found this handy tool that made the updates a lot easier than manually adjusting the reg keys: There is a lot of rebooting needed, so be mindful of your backup schedules. Windows event viewer will also be your friend to identify servers and/or software that might not be using the expected TLS version.

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