Reply To: E-Filing 1099s

  • Jo deRuiter

    January 9, 2024 at 10:28 am

    This should be extant in Business Central already:

    To submit the 1099 tax forms electronically

    1. Choose the icon, enter 1099 Form Boxes, and then choose the related link.
    2. On the 1099 Form Boxes page, choose the Vendor 1099 Magnetic Media action.
    3. Specifies the 1099 forms that can be exported.

    The report uses the codes that apply to the form amount boxes from the 1099 Form Boxes page. The codes are mapped to the form boxes in the file layouts of this report, therefore the table data and report version for a particular tax year must be in agreement. If any custom codes are added to the table these must be mapped to the form boxes inside this object.

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