Reply To: Lanham EDI XML

  • Noreen Fujita-Sacco

    July 7, 2023 at 11:57 am

    Hi, Lewis.

    Thanks for your response. Your example is how I set up a test XML yesterday when I was checking out this functionality. I hope below clarifies.

    Where I am stuck is setup of the document before I get to mapping. For example, I could use a generic document for the import. However, there is no corresponding document type for a label. The options available are attached. In these options it is not possible to create a new code.

    Where the screenshot shows Navision Document, there is also no generic document I could use for the export to request the label. I’d have to repurpose an existing code for the request as well.

    Is NAV/Lanham limited to these types of documents or can I pick any and repurpose it for my needs?

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