Reply To: Large Rounding Entries after Standard Cost Roll Up.

  • Michael-Carr

    May 11, 2023 at 12:55 pm


    Wish I could be of help…. I chased that question through my 5 years of running standard cost clear up to the Product General Manager level of NAV. Sent them all the documentation. The rounding entries were absorbing were generating 80,000+ General Ledger Lines PER Month and were @ 80% of our General Ledger entries through NAV2018 Release 6. They never fixed it and I got the feeling that the problem was how they round each time an entry is made and they don’t round quite the same way every time. Their may be causation factors involving how you use the standard cost updates, the roll-ups and How Adjust Costs runs and interacts with your data. They said the would make corrections to reduce it but as I am retired I am not sure that they did. Never got any reason why it was happening, ,,,, Like Danny DeVito would say … HUSH HUSH.

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