Reply To: Deferrals in Business Central

  • Vinita Panicker

    March 14, 2023 at 2:28 pm

    Hi Amanda

    Does BC have its own deferral feature that can be used? As mentioned in my initial post we use Binary Stream add on for Deferrals. I do batch recognition on month close some of the new deferrals in prepaids sometimes change the recognition account. Not sure how but I have seen it happen. The JEs for revenue sometimes create two deferrals one with the correct amount and correct deferral for 12 months and another deferral with the same total deferral amount but the deferrals each month don’t add up to the total deferral amount, the second deferral is pulling an amount from another JE. Somehow the duplicate incorrect deferral created doesn’t show in the GL account, but I have noticed that some months I am off by the same amount and can’t do the reversal since the recognition account doesn’t have the amount to offset if I did the correction entry. Binary Stream is looking into it, but they don’t know what is causing this and how to fix it.

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