Reply To: Customer Transaction report

  • Jo deRuiter

    March 14, 2024 at 10:24 am

    Hi @stephaniemyers

    @david-morinellotruckpro-com is accurate, there are no out of the box SmartLists for seeing what check or credit memo applied to what invoice or vice versa.

    Victoria Yudin produced several SQL Views that can help create that SmartList. There are steps to getting this done.

    1) Create the SQL view in SQL (you may need your IT or Partner to help you with this)

    2) Grant Security to the view to Dyngrp

    3) Use SmartList either with SmartList Builder or SmartList Designer – whichever you guys have – and link to that view

    Then you will have the needed SmartList.

    This is the page on Victoria Yudin you would use for the SmartList you are looking for.

    Granted, you may want more fields than she has here and that’s where you can ask your IT, partner, or trusted consultant to build a more thorough report for you!

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