Reply To: Clean up duplicate vendors in GP

  • Lance brigham

    November 1, 2023 at 4:48 pm

    Hi Precious,

    As to how to identify duplicate vendors, I think it’d be helpful to know for your specific environment what would designate a duplicate vendor? Is there some sort of identifier that would be the same like a tax ID or something? If so, can do a SELECT SomeField,COUNT(*) FROM PM00200 GROUP BY SomeField HAVING COUNT(*)>1 in SQL. From there can do some further querying and determine which vendor ID(s) fall in that same query and then determine which vendor ID you want to keep (combine into). If it’s 2 or more vendor records with same address that could potentially be challenging if you have duplicate vendors with the same address, but entered slightly differently (i.e. 123 East Main St versus 123 E Main Street). Could use the default GP SmartList for Vendors and output to Excel and review/analyze in Excel for which are duplicate and then from there once you have your duplicate vendors identified and which vendor ID out of a group of duplicates/triplicates/etc to keep, then can save to a tab delimited csv/tsv and use that as source for vendor combine in GP.

    Let me know if any questions.


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