ACH Payment Specification help

  • ACH Payment Specification help

    Posted by Brad-Reeves on May 18, 2023 at 9:42 am

    Hi everyone. We have been on D365 F&O for a few years and were on AX 2012 before. We have our software consultant set up ACH for our AP vendor payment and they set us up with the CCD payment specification. We’re interesting in adding CTX has a payment specification format but I have several questions. We have 2 specific vendors who require CTX so that’s our motivation since they want payment remittance information in the electronically. With CCD, we use out of the box emailed payment advices.

    1) Can you have some vendors set up on one specification (CCD) and others on CTX concurrently? If so, does the payment journal create 2 nacha files or are both in one file? Is it better to have all vendors on CTX?

    2) Does adding the CTX specification work, out of the box? I think our software consultant had to configure the ACH file format to meet our banks needs. Maybe this will also be needed for CTX?

    3) What else do I need to know before we attempt this?

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  • Mark Zerr

    May 19, 2023 at 1:55 pm

    HI Brad, so you setup the file format with a payment method. So, if you want to have say CCD+ and CTX you would need a payment method for both. We currently use the SA Global Treasury Suite for our processing so it’s a little different than D365 out of the box. You can assign different formats at the vendor, not an issue.

    We made the discission to go with CCD+ as our standard even if we didn’t need to send the addition + remittance information just to simplify our process. If you are being forced by a vendor to use CTX then obviously you need to comply. Not in all cased but I have run into in the past where my bank has charged more for CTX format but not the current case.

    I would think it be better to run the CTX in a separate journal personally. I’m not sure what would happen if the CCD+ was fine but CTX failed and it was in one journal, seems like might cause some headaches.

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