Reply To: Planning Optimization VS MRP

  • Drew Lencsak

    June 8, 2023 at 9:58 am

    Hi Rohit. You are correct that the current recommendation is to implement Planning optimization because the master planning engine in traditional MRP is being deprecated. Currently, released 10.0.33 added support for Process manufacturing, which was one of the missing pieces that the classic MRP engine supported. Per Microsoft in their 3/5/23 TechTalk on Planning optimization, there is no timeline to fully remove the classic master planning engine although it is being deprecated. When it is fully removed, the announcement would be 12-18months ahead of the date to allow customers to migrate. So although the recommendation is to use Planning optimization, technically you can continue to use the standard planning engine (however, I’m not sure on the agreement of support). I have not seen an official release that updates from that March statement, but I could be wrong.

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