Reply To: Asset Description – Asset Management

  • Clayton Loden

    May 26, 2023 at 9:14 pm


    The data entity you are looking for is “Assets entity view V3”. This entity was oddly named and does not align with the naming of the other entities. Please see the steps below that you must first take before loading in your assets:

    1. You must first ensure the Functional locations that are referenced in your asset file (required field) have been loaded in. The entity is: “Asset management functional locations”.

    2. Next, all asset types from you assets file (required field) must be loaded in. Use the “Asset management asset types” data entity if bulk loading is required.

    3. Next, if you are referencing any Manufacturers or Models in your asset file then these can be loaded using the “Asset management manufacturers” and “Asset management models” data entities.

    4. Lastly, you must go in to Asset management parameters and set the “Default functional location”.

    Now you are ready to load your “Assets entity view V3” data entity.

    Please reach out should you need any additional asset management support. We are experts in maintenance reliability and D365FO and also work with valuable add-ons like Dynaway and the new Asset Management mobile app!

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