Reply To: Punchout reauthentication issue

  • Geoff Faulkner

    April 17, 2023 at 6:48 pm

    We have setup a few of the cXML punchout catalogs with some of our suppliers. It works well and doesn’t ask to re-authenticate on checkout. By reauthenticate are you referring to authenticating to Dynamics? Or to the vendor website?

    Microsoft’s implementation of cXML punchout is not complete. The status on their “ideas” page is that it needs votes:

    Here are the instructions I created for my company to setup punchout:

    Associate a vendor with procurement categories

    1. Open Procurement and sourcing > Vendors > All vendors

    2. Select the vendor from the list and open General > Set up > Categories

    3. Add categories to the Procurement list that can be purchased from this vendor. To remove an added category choose Expire category.

    Create the External catalog

    1. Open Procurement and sourcing > Catalogs > External catalogs

    2. Click +New to create a new catalog.

    3. Add the name and description.

    4. Choose the vendor and legal entity.

    5. Add the procurement category mapping

    Get parameters for the XML from the vendor

    1. Contact the vendor and provide the template for cXML setup. This is the very basic setup and there are many additional parameters that can be supplied.

    2. The vendor should respond with things like credential domain, identity, urls, etc.

    3. Paste the updated XML into the setup request on the External Catalog entry above.

    4. Some vendors may need additional fields. Amazon wanted us to send the current user’s email address. Do this in the Extrinsics section. Name the field as it should be named in the XML tag. Value is what is sent at run-time. User name, user email are logged-in user. Also could be random string.

    Activate the catalog

    1. Click Validate in the menu. You will get a prompt about going to an external site. Click Ok and verify the catalog opens.

    2. Return to Dynamics if everything works ok.

    3. Open Procurement and sourcing > Catalogs > External catalogs

    4. Select the catalog and click Activate catalog in the toolbar.

    Test the catalog

    1. Open Procurement and sourcing > Purchase requisitions > All purchase requisitions

    2. Add a new purchase requisition.

    3. In the line section click External catalogs.

    4. Choose the catalog and click open in browser.

    5. Add something to the cart on the site.

    6. Click the site to check out.

    7. The site should return control to Dynamics, with the external item, description, quantity, and price. In this case, tax was added to the line and not with a separate line.

    8. Change the procurement category to the correct category.

    9. Click Add to requisition.

    10. Review the purchase requisition and the user would normally submit to workflow from this point.

    Template punchout setup cXML

    Fill in the bold areas, including the domain between the quotation marks.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <cXML payloadID="" timestamp="" version="1.2.008" xml:lang="en-US">
    <Credential domain="">
    <Credential domain="">
    <Credential domain="">

    <UserAgent>Dynamics 365 for Operations</UserAgent>
    <Request deploymentMode="">
    <PunchOutSetupRequest operation="create">
    <BuyerCookie />
    <BrowserFormPost><URL /></BrowserFormPost>

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